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Jeff Hegwer has been a local windsurfer for quite some time now. His love of the sport has driven him to want to share it with others. Jeff founded the Therapeutic Winds Windsurfing School, which offers individual and group lessons ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Jeff is a U.S. Sailing Certified Instructor.

Taste Windsurfing - 1 hour - $40
Here is a one hour course introducing you to sailing, windsurfing equipment and safety tips. All equipment is provided, so this is a great way to give windsurfing a try! Basic swimming ability is required, and you should wear athletic shoes or aqua socks to class. Lessons will be offered in small groups of three to eight.

Start Windsurfing - 3 hours - $120
This course is a full intro to windsurfing and will cover the first half of Level 1 instruction. The course will last about 3 hours and cost $90. As in any course you take, you'll be getting great instruction from a US certified sailing instructor.

Level 1 - Windsurfing Instruction - $250
A complete course introducing you to sailing theory and techniques. Upon completion of this course you will receive a U.S. Sailing Level 1 certification card. All equipment will be provided. Basic swimming ability is required and you should wear tennis shoes or aqua socks. Also included is the book "Learn How To Windsurf Right." The course is two days each of three hours in length.

Level 2 - Advanced Skills & Theory
Individual Lessons - $40/hour
Equipment Rental - $25/hour with 2 hour minimum
Resource for ... New & and Used Equipment

Group Rates - Day/Week
LogoAll equipment is provided. We can teach your instructors who in turn can teach your children, or we can teach them individually. Another great activity for your camps and campers.

Jeff Hegwer - Certified Instructor
109 1st St. S.E.
Mason City, IA 50401